A wellness exam is a routine assessment of general health. It is recommended that your pet have a wellness exam monthly when a puppy and every 12 months when an adult. If your dog is a senior or has ongoing health issues, a medical plan developed by you and your veterinarian is recommended

  • Routine questions about your dog’s diet, appetite, exercise, behavior, medical records,and any concerns you might have
  • Observations to identify any changes in alertness, liveliness, gait, stance, symmetry, weight,size, and growth pattern in your dog
  • A thorough physical examination of your dog to check for abnormalities in skin, coat, eyes,ears, nose, mouth, teeth, heart, lungs, lymph nodes, legs, and abdomen
  • Recommendations for vaccinations, parasite control, additional testing, and treatment of any conditions we find
  • Complete blood test if necessary

Wellness exams and their frequency are critical to the total health of your pet. Health issues can become severe before your dog shows any clear signs of them. However, a wellness exam can help you and your veterinarian detect diseases and conditions at their first stage, when they are most treatable